Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cherry Bonbon Cookies

Each of these dainty looking cookies contain a single maraschino cherry. The first time you taste one, it is like a surprise to your taste buds, but it is no surprise that Memere chose to include it on her Holiday Goodies Tray. The photo above is from Taste of Home dot com, click on the photo to see their version of this favorite.
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Ingredients For Cherry Bonbon Cookies: Maraschino Cherries, Butter, Confectioners Sugar, Flour, Salt, Half & Half, Vanilla, Cherry Juice, Red Food Color.
What's Cooking America dot net has an interesting web page on the history of the Maraschino Cherry along with many cherry recipes. You can also check your local newspaper food section by going to their Newspaper columns tab. This is one of the most comprehensive food websites I have seen! Bravo to Linda Stradley for a job well done! Click on the cherries above to link to What's Cooking America.