Thursday, August 19, 2010

Candy Coated Pretzels or Fruit

This simple method of melting candy coating is so versatile , you can coat just about anything you can dream of. I was introduced to chocolate dipped Sandwich Cookies this past year. YUM! They seemed so special but really took little time. This recipe calls specifically for Eagle Brand Candy Coating. Unfortunately it seems that the product may have been discontinued. You can easily substitute Wilton's candy melts, Chocolate Bark, or any brand of chocolate coating wafers. They can be found at some of the big box stores as well as some craft stores. If you can't find them locally follow some of the links below. Have Fun Playing With This!

Click on the recipe to enlarge.
Ingredients For Candy Coated Pretzels or Fruit: Eagle Brand Candy Coating , Pretzels, Fruit, Candy, Cookies or use your imagination.

To find Eagle Brand Candy Coating Click the coating picture above.

Click the coloful wafers to find multicolor candy coating wafers on line.

Click Above to Find Wilton Brand Candy Melts on Line.