Friday, August 13, 2010

Bavarian Mint Truffles

Memere loved this recipe! She was so tickled when she realized that making truffles was not all that complicated. Having said that, please read the recipe carefully. The recipe calls for condensed milk not to be confused with evaporated milk. It also lists "Oil of Peppermint" NOT peppermint flavoring. If you can not find "Oil of Peppermint" locally, click on the peppermint bottle it will take you to KingArthurFlourDotCom. You can purchase the oil on line, find great recipes & they even have gluten-free cooking products for those with gluten allergies.

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Ingredients For Bavarian Mint Truffles: 1 Square un-sweetened Chocolate, Chocolate chips, Condensed Milk, Oil of Peppermint & White Chocolate.

This is Memere's Travel Version of the Recipe... If you click on this recipe it will take you to WiseGeekDotCom to read more about Condensed Milk. Click the Peppermint bottle below to go to KingArthurFlourDotCom. Finally for a visit at the Borden Eagle Brand Condensed Milk web page click on the can.