Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peter Paul Mounds Candy & Almond Joy(s)

Here are still more coconut delights! These are always great... whether you buy them at the store or make 'em your self!

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Ingredients for Peter Paul Mounds & Almond Joy: Condensed Milk, Vanilla, Sugar, Coconut, Chocolate Chips and Dry Roasted Almonds.

While looking around the Log House Coconut website I noticed that they have both Chocolate & Vanilla Almond Bark. Many of Memere's cookie & candy recipes call for chocolate bark. So here is another location to find it on the web. :-)

Finally... I just had to share THIS...
There are some really creative ideas on the Log House site.

Can you picture a whole army of these FUN PARTY MICE for your Halloween party?

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