Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creamy Fudge - Eagle Brand Milk Recipe

Here is another fudge recipe saved by Memere. She loved to make fudge!
The recipe card is click-able for enlargement.
Ingredients for Creamy Fudge - Eagle Brand Milk Recipe: Candy Coating, condensed Milk, Half & Half OR Milk, Vanilla, Salt & Chopped Nuts.

The Eagle Brand Chocolate Candy Coating is now very hard to find so here is a Link. Right mouse click on the photo.

You can use another brand of Chocolate Bark as a substitute. I have used Plymouth Pantry with good results. Right mouse click on the photo if you would like to see which BIG BOX Store carries it!

Finally here in Southern New England, Hood is probably the best known milk producer around, and yes, they have many more recipes for you to peruse.
Right mouse click on their Products Photo to navigate to their website.