Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocky Road Candy

This is probably the FASTEST of all the candies on Mom's annual Christmas Tray list. It is so simple that she actually simplified the recipe to contain only 8 words. The remainder of the recipe she kept in her head.

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Ingredients For Rocky Road Candy: Raisins, Nuts, Miniature Marshmellows & Melted Chocolate.

The second version above, of the ROCKY ROAD CANDY RECIPE was also found in her recipe box. It originated from the SunSentinal Newspaper of Palm Beach in the Boynton Beach Edition. You can find lots of other great recipes at their website! Just Click on the photo below to open their Food section with their latest recipes. The flowerless chocolate cake pictured is featured as you scroll down the page. This recipe is outrageously rich but suitable for those with Celiac disease or allergies to gluten or flour.